Righetti High School’s annual ART SHOW is adapting to this strange new world, by going VIRTUAL!

The show must go on!!

Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas California 24th District Congressional Art Contest- Best in Show

Righetti High School has, for decades, showcased the talent of the students in the Fine Arts Classes by holding an art exhibition.  The RHS ART SHOW, has regularly boasted over a thousand pieces of artwork, from beginning drawing, paintings, and sculptures, to advanced multimedia and photography.

This year, in order to adjust to the current circumstances, the Visual Arts Department is curating an online/stay-at-home-option.

Often in times of difficulty and challenge, we are pushed out of our comfort-zone.  But, this can be an opportunity for growth and discovery.

Such is the situation for Righetti Visual Arts.

We are VERY excited about this “New Frontier” and hope to utilize this option, in combination with our traditional, in person gallery experience in future years.