Dilon Carter, Photo 2B

I have always had an interest in art. Growing up, I drew pictures and painted and colored. Every basic art form a child could do, I did. It wasn’t until junior high, when I took a digital arts class, that I really got into the idea of photography. I thrived in that class and soared above and beyond the other students. So for Christmas that year I decided I was going to ask for a big, nice digital camera. I told my dad I would give up my Christmas and birthday present that year and everything in between for the Canon Rebel T5 kit I found for sale on the Canon website. And about four years later, I am still using that same camera. I’ve taken Mr. Sugano’s photo class for the past two years and it has been something I’ve really enjoyed. The past four years I’ve been getting more in depth with photography and the whole time I’ve stuck with mostly nature photography and more specifically ocean landscapes. However, lately I’ve also been gaining interest in portraits. Along the way, I’ve also been developing my specific style and learning more about photo editing and the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom platforms that I like to use.