Lianna Martinez

Lianna Martinez, RHS Junior - Artist

Berries – Berries┬áis a bright still life painting containing one large strawberry with three smaller blueberries around it. The expression behind this work is to emphasize the size and superiority of the larger red fruit than the smaller blue ones. What I learned creating this piece was the mixture of colors to create the perfect shade for each shade, base and detail.

Hummingbird Flight – Hummingbird Flight is a black and white piece of shaded art containing a large, but yet small in true form, hummingbird┬áin the center in the middle of bird flight. My work expresses an independent but strong form of solitude. Despite the bird being alone, it holds a firm self-assertiveness. My goals as an artist is to make art that represents me and how I view the world or would like in the world. This piece will influence my future artworks because it has taught me exceptional detail in even in the hardest shapes.