Cristiana Florez

Cristiana Florez, RHS Senior - Artist

My name is Cristiana Flores and I am a senior at Righetti High School. I have been making art ever since I was a child. Throughout elementary and to present time- most people would remember me by art pieces, and teaching art classes to my fellow peers.

Similar to exercising for stress relief, making art pushes me to focus on a specific piece with attention to detail. Without art, I feel as if I would lose a piece of my identity as a person. My main intent with my pieces is to capture a moment or a reflection of one’s personal life. For example, my self-portrait signifies a moment of me reflecting on my accomplishments and activities throughout my life. The chalk art with the skull/rose signifies the connection between life, death and time. Meaning to step out of your comfort zone and leave a memorial footprint in this life because we are on a ‘time limit’. The chalk art which is myself with a welding helmet, reveals part of my redemption for wining first place in a welding competition and proving my want to be active in the welding industry. I plan to keep art as a hobby in the future and also to maybe create a small business on the side. One goal of mine is to travel the world and create live drawings of structures/nature. Thank you for taking the time to read about my love for art.

*While Cristiana has not formally enrolled in RHS art classes, we consider her “one of us.”  Carlson and Johnson have featured her works and talent at RHS Art Shows, competitions, and Club events for 4yrs.  It has been a delight to get to know and work with Cristiana, and to watch her art take off!