Grace Schlereth: Artistic Process


By Grace Schlereth

Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas

My Process

Before I start with a piece, I study the subject’s form, anatomy, and underlying structure in my sketchbook.

Deer Sketchbook Studies

After investigating the fine details of my subject, I move to my iPad to digitally plan the piece. I experiment with my composition, lighting, and colors digitally until I am satisfied with the design. Lastly, I work on the traditional piece by referencing my digital sketch. I see an animal that inspires me, study it, then create a story around it.

Digital mock up/plan before painting

In my deer painting the viewer has been discovered by a great white stag while exploring a forest. The white deer stands his ground and watches in apprehension. I aimed to give this piece an almost ethereal feel, a whimsical encounter on a moonlit night.

Final Piece